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New Flooring Installation

Hardwood Floors

Having new hardwood floors installed begins with an appointment to deliver the wood and let it acclimatize in its new surroundings. Rooms need operable electric lights and 110 power outlets. Doors and windows must be installed and the heating system working. All carpet, nails, staples, tack strip, plaster, and glue should be removed from the floor. Furniture and appliances need to be taken out of the work area.

Hardwood Flooring Preparation

Prep work such as floor cleaning can be contracted in advance with us at an hourly rate; just talk to your estimator. Baseboards should be installed after the flooring is installed and finished. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid marks on walls from machines or cords, and the homeowner/contractor will need to do some touch-up painting.

Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Flooring

When your floors are finished or refinished, they again need to be cleared and clean. Both 110 and 220 power needs to be available. The heating system needs to work, and please leave any instructions on how to set the thermostat. On colder days, have the heat set at 70 degrees prior to our arrival. Toilets need to be removed in the bathrooms where we will be working. We are not authorized to do plumbing for the public, so we cannot disconnect or reconnect toilets or ice makers on refrigerators. If there is a stain color to choose, you or your representative must be there to make a selection. It’s too personal a decision to be left to us, as perception of color is very subjective. Furniture and appliance(s) removal is solely the customer’s responsibility, as well as toilets or radiators, if need be.

Please turn off all alarms and remove or cover carbon monoxide detectors as they may be activated or damaged by solvents.

Pre-Floor Finishing Considerations

  • Clear & Clean Floors
  • Heating System Prep
  • Furniture & Appliance Removal
  • Alarm Disconnect
  • Expect Dust

Wood, as a natural product, can have variations beyond our control that may not produce a work of perfection but still one of lasting quality. We are working in a house, not a dust-free booth of a furniture factory. Imperfections such as an eyelash, floor brush bristles, insects, or a small bit of grit may appear in the finish and are beyond our ability to control. ALSO, please note that our machines are engineered to get as close as possible to existing baseshoe or baseboards, and this may cause nicks or scratch marks on these boards. These are unforeseen and could entail touchups on the customer’s part. Wood may raise slightly in a small area after finishing. Wood also expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity. Going through a heating cycle over several seasons can cause movement of the wood and is part of the floor. We strongly recommend the use of a home humidifier added to your central heating system. It will greatly help stabilize the home’s humidity. This will help keep your floor from drying out in the winter months. Linseed oil putty can help fill minor cracks that appear and come in colors to match your floor.

You can also expect some dust. We have a ventilation system, and we can visqueen off normal-size door openings, but this will not completely eliminate dust accumulation. We use painter’s tape but cannot guarantee tape from removing paint. People, pets (including fish), and plants need to be removed from the house. Fireplaces need to be free from ashes. Mail drops need to be securely taped shut. Edibles are best covered or kept refrigerated. All soft goods need to be covered or removed, such as: draperies, blinds, upholstered furniture, lampshades, pillows, etc. Special items such as computers or sound equipment do not do well in the dust and should be removed. Pianos or any wood furniture should not be covered with visqueen but a drop cloth that can breathe. Please refer to your piano dealer or tuner to offer advice on removing or repairing your instrument to do well through the sanding and finishing.